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24MX Pull Up Straps


Strong and easy-to-use quick strap, with a width of 3.8 cm and a sturdy quick-release buckle. There's a strong carabiner hook at the end for attaching to floor anchors, and a rubber-coated S-hook with soft straps on the top, to avoid scratching the handlebars.

In a tight space such as a van or a trailer you might need to stand next to or sit on the bike while tightening the straps. Therefore, these straps are pulled upwards to give you the right angle and leverage to secure your vehicle.

• 550 kg capacity
• Measures 3.8 cm x 210 cm / 1.5 inch x 6 ft
• Rubberized S-hook with soft strap reduces the risk of scratches
• Carabiner hook for secure fastening
• Sold in pairs

Tip! Attach the carabiner hooks to the floor anchor. Pull the soft strap over the handlebars and attach the rubberized S-hook. Pull it enough so that the motorcycle can stand by itself. Sit on the motorcycle with both loops in each hand, lean over the tank and pull them both at the same time to bring down the suspension and thus having secured the vehicle properly.