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A9 Ester Racing Fully Synthetic 4 L + HIFLO Oil Filter


A complete package with everything you need for your oil change - An oil filter from well-known HIFLO and four litres of high-quality A9 Racing engine oil.

Regular oil and oil filter replacements are the absolute simplest and cheapest way to keep your engine in tip-top condition!

The A9 Ester Racing oil is a fully synthetic 4-stroke engine oil for high-performance motorcycle engines. The oil provides faster acceleration and power at maximum RPM, highest wear protection and best clutch and transmission function– even under the most demanding conditions.

A fully synthetic oil is better for your engine than both a partial synthetic and a mineral oil. The reason why it is because it has a much cleaner and more even molecular structure, as it is developed and manufactured in a completely chemical way. The manufacturers can then optimise the structure for its purpose. A mineral oil or a sub-synthetic oil contains residues and irregularities to consist of natural petroleum products.

The fully synthetic A9 Ester Racing oil is therefore a very good choice of oil if you want to take proper care of your engine!

Meets API SL/JASO MA2 specifications.