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A9 Racing 2-Stroke Fully-Synthetic Oil


Time for oil change? Oil kits from A9 Racing Racing keep your engine and gearbox in perfect condition!

Transmission fluid:
The A9 Racing Racing's 75W-140 is a weekend crude semi-synthetic oil for truly "stressed" gearboxes. The soft and smooth viscosity reduces friction and provides comfortable shifts at high temperatures. It works great in extreme conditions like in racing situations!

• The 4L package makes the oil last for a long time.
• Unrivaled durability
• Reduces transmission noise
• Provides soft and comfortable shifts
• Resistant oil film at high temperatures
• 0% shear loss (unseparable oil film even under extreme conditions)

Engine oil:
This oil is specially designed to provide optimum engine protection, regardless of temperature. It has both good lubricating properties and wear resistance, while providing low smoke and low odour. In the oil there are also cleaning accessories that keep the engine clean, without impairing performance. Simply a really good oil for your two stroke engine.

• The 4L package makes the oil last for a long time.
• Low smoke development.
• Withstand high temperatures.
• Fluid flow regardless of temperature.
• Can be mixed directly into the tank.

The oil meets API TC / JASO FB FC specifications.