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A9 Racing 3 Pack MX Chain Lube, Air Filter Spray & Chain Cleaner


Super offer from A9 Racing Racing Oils!

Chain Lube:

A9 Racing MX Chain Lube is developed to keep your chain in mint condition under even the most extreme conditions endurable; motocross, enduro, and off-road riding.

The dry formula guarantees that the spray stays on your chain and provides long-lasting lubricity. Its remarkable adhesive properties prevent it from spattering on other parts of the bike or your clothing. The spray quickly permeates the chain and builds an outwardly dry coating, ensuring that the chain stains lubricated. Minimizes wear on the chain and sprockets. Water-resistant, and prevents rust and corrosion.

Spray your chain a few minutes after every ride, or after every wash, to maximize its lifespan.

Air Filter Spray:

A9 Racing Air Filter Spray is for those who prefer convenience. Just spray on this no-hassle formula and wait 30 minutes. An excellent way to prep the filter on the way to the tracks, if you are running late!

Spray the Air Filter Oil on a clean and dry air filter, at a distance of around 10 to 20 cm. Make sure you cover the entirety of the filter. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes thereafter before riding.

Reguarly change your air filter to prevent unwanted wear to the engine.

Chain Cleaner:

Everyone understands that chains must be lubricated, but cleaning the chain beforehand is equally as important. This prevents dirt and dust from interfering with the lube's penetration and adhesion to the chain.

Formulated to clean all types of chains. Also works on X- and O-ring chains. Does not dry out or damage rubber seals.

Shake well, spray on chain, and let work in. Scrub with a chain brush and rinse with water. Repeat procedure until the chain is totally clean! Spray with A9 Racing Chain Lube thereafter,

Cleanliness and lubrication are the keys to making your chain last!

A9 Racing is manufactured in Germany with the best precision. After successful testing, we know that this chain cleanser is the best we have tested!