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A9 Racing Chain Cleaner 2-pack (2 x 400ml)


A9 Racing Chain Cleaner is a super-efficient chain cleaning spray.

Everyone knows that the chain must be lubricated, but it is equally important to first clean the chain. This is so that dirt and dust will not prevent the lubrication from penetrating the chain.

Developed specifically to clean all types of chains, works equally well on the O- and X-ring chains.
A9 Racing Chain Cleaner is designed to clean your chain in the most efficient manner without drying out and damaging the rubber seals in the chain.

• Shake well before use, spray on and wait 20minutes . Then rub the chain with a chain brush, rinse off with water. Repeat the procedure until the chain is completely clean.

Lubricate the chain with A9 Racing chain spray.

A clean and well lubricated chain lasts for longer.

A9 Racing is manufactured in Germany.
After successful testing , we know that this is the best we've tested!

Volume: 400 ml