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A9 Racing Chain Lube + Silicone Spray + Brake Cleaner Kit


Give your bike a longer life with a 3-pack of sprays from A9 Racing Racing Oils!

Chain Lube:
A9 Racing OnRoad Chain Lube is a "dry" chain spray with incredible lubricity and strong adhesion.

The dry formula guarantees that the spray stays on your chain and provides long-lasting lubricity. Its remarkable adhesive properties prevent it from spattering on other parts of the bike or your clothing. The spray quickly permeates the chain and builds an outwardly dry coating, ensuring that the chain stains lubricated.

Spray your chain every 200 kilometers, or after every wash, to maximize its lifespan.

Silicone Spray:

A9 Racing Silicone Spray prevents dirt and mud from sticking to your bike.

Once you have prepared your bike with Silicone Spray, do you know how much easier your next cleaning will be?

We recommend using Silicone Spray on: plastic parts, wheels, engine covers, boots, swing arm, linkage and cooler.

Recommended to avoid surfaces such as, brake parts and exhaust pipe.

400 ml

Brake Cleaner:

A9 Racing Brake Cleaner is a powerful cleansing spray that loosens even the toughest dirt and grime.

With strong pressure, this quickly removed oil, grease, brake fluid, and other debris from the brake disc, metal components, gears, etc.

Does not damage rubber, plastic or coloring. This versatile cleansing spray is tough on dirt but soft on sensitive parts.