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A9 Racing Cleaning Kit for Air Filter


A complete kit for cleaning those necessary filter values which is both simple and economical. With the right products give your engine maximum protection!

This kit contains: Wash Bucket with grilles, Oil Bucket, Filter Cleaner 4L, 1L Oil Filters.

Wash-bucket with lid and grid where you can fill up with detergent. It allows you to use the cleaner several times. The grid allows the dirt to fall to the bottom of the tub ... away from your filter.

Air Filter Oil bucket with a lid will help you give the filter a perfect oiling. Soak the filter in the oil and then squeeze out the excess oil.

1L A9 Racing Synthetic air filter oil for foam filters. Its Very good "adhesiveness" means that the oil remains in the filter and that the filter provides a very high degree of purification and intake of air to ensure a high air flow. Many filter oils have a tendency to run out of one side of the filter, leaving a part of your filter unprotected but thanks to the A9 Racing's adhesive ability you will not have this problem and instead get complete superior protection for your engine. Can be used in extremely dry and dusty environments.

4L Filter Cleaner detergent. Specially developed to solve the oil filter without damaging the filter foam and glue joints. Use the bucket for superior performance and good economy.