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A9 Racing Ester Racing 4L engine oil + 3-Pack Oil Filter


A complete package with everything you need for an oil change! Contains a 3-pack of Twenty filters and 4 litres of high-quality A9 Racing Ester Racing engine oil. Regularly changing your oil is the simplest, cheapest way to keep your engine in top condition!

A9 Racing Ester Racing's is a fully synthetic 4-stroke oil for high-performance motocross and motorcycle engines. This oil ensures faster acceleration and power at high speeds, better protection for the engine and improved clutch and transmission function, even in the toughest conditions.

A fully synthetic oil is better for your engine than both semi-synthetic and mineral oils. Because it has been developed by chemists, synthetic oil has a purer, more stable molecular structure. Mineral and semi-synthetic oils also contain deposits characteristic of natural petroleum products, which negatively affect performance.

A9 Racing's oils meet and exceed all known requirements for high-performance 4-stroke motorcycles. It is API SL-classed and JASO MA2-approved. Can be used year-round on engines both old and new!

Filter: These oil filters are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure optimum oil flow and filtration to maintain the purity of the oil. This also helps the engine lubricating ability. Change the oil and oil filter regularly to prevent wear and tear on the engine.

It is important to change oil and oil filters at regular intervals to prevent wear on the engine. Use the oil filter from Twenty to get the maximum life from your engine!

Buy your oil filter 3-pack at a really affordable price. Having spare filters at home increases the chance that you make the necessary filter change on time.