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A9 Racing Kawasaki Engine Oil 4L + Hiflo Oil Filter 3-Pack


4 litres of high-quality engine oil optimised for Kawasaki’s 4 stroke bikes!

This is a semi-synthetic 10W-40 oil for Kawasaki’s 4-stroke engines. The special combination is created in collaboration with the leaders in motocross racing. The A9 Racing Racing oil meets or exceeds all known requirements for high-performance 4-stroke motorcycles and is suitable for use all year round in both old and new engines

Meets API SL/JASO MA2 specifications.

Includes oil filters of the highest standard!

Hiflo was the first manufacturer in the world to have its MC filters TÜV approved, which means that Hiflo's filters meet or exceed the standard of original filters.

Hiflo has been manufacturing world-class filters for more than four decades. Only the very best raw materials are used. Steel from Toyota Tsusho and NKK Japan, glue from Henkel in Germany and paper from north american Hollingsworth and Vose as well as Awa Paper Japan.

Hiflo is supplier to huge automobile companies like BMW, Peugeot, Toyota and Suzuki and more.

Lubricity is affected by the purity of the oil. With the help of Hiflo's first-class filters, waste products from the engine are absorbed which in turn helps to counteract wear on the engine. Regularly change oil and filters to prevent wear and to maintain the oil's purity.