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A9 Racing Onroad Chain Lube 2-Pack


Limit 1 per order

A9 Racing Onroad Chain Lube is a "dry" chain spray with excellent lubrication and strong adhesion.

The well-proven formula allows the solution to penetrate and lubricate your chain, while it forms a surface that makes it difficult for dirt and dust to stick.
The special "dry" surface also means that you minimize the risk of the spray sticking to the swing arm and wheel.

A9 Racing Motocross Chain Lube provides long-term lubrication, which minimizes wear on the chain and sprockets.

Spray A9 Racing Motocross Chain Lube before each ride, and after each wash.
In addition to its lubricating properties it also prevents rust, corrosion and is also water repellent.

A9 Racing is manufactured in Germany.
After many demanding tests we dare say that this is the best chain lubricant for motocross we have tested!

Ratio temperatures between -30 ° C to 180 ° C.
• Shake well before use , spray from 5cm-10cm distance.

Volume: 400 ml