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MX Twenty Delta 428 Chain and Sprocket Kit


Twenty Delta X-ring is a quality brand, designed for the toughest Motocross and Enduro rides.

Twenty Delta X-Ring is designed for low rolling resistance and minimal after stretching, provides 50% less friction than O-ring chains and has up to three times longer life than a standard motocross chain.

The chain uses Delta X-rings, which means much less friction and thus longer life. The reduced friction also means that you get higher power to the rear wheel, thus for faster lap times.

The chain is made of high quality hardened steel, held together by "Hard Chromium Molybdenum Nikel" rivets. A softer core and extremely hard surface gives you a solid rivet that neither bends or breaks, this provides tremendous durability. The rivets combined with the hardened links gives you an extremely durable chain.

All chains are pre-stretched and combined with the best choice of materials that gives you a chain with minimal after stretching.

Why X-ring?
An X-ring chain holds the lubricant inside the chain much longer. This results in longer and better lubrication, which means you get a more durable chain.
O-ring chains have a slightly higher rolling resistance. However with the new developed Delta X-rings, this rolling resistance has considerably lowered, and for most riders hardly noticeable. We recommend an X-ring chain for anyone who does not belong to the world class elite

-A Chain specially developed for Motocross and Enduro.
-X-Ring technology combined with Delta Technology, quadruple sealing surfaces for longer life and lubricating properties. Delta technology provides even less friction than standard and O-ring chains.
-The Heat-treated steel alloy links provide an extremely hard surface and a softer inside, resulting in an extremely high wear resistance.
-CrNiMo-Studs are hard press fitted and quadruple punched for extreme strength.
-Gold / Metal, 130links, 4271LBS, 1.2kg per 130 links

Chain supplied with rivet link.

Front sprocket:
Self cleaning to increase the life of both chain and sprocket. Twenty spockets are made of S45C Chrome Molybdenum steel with hardened core refined to give the ultimate combination of strength and hardness. Precision machined to incredibly tight tolerances for perfect concentricity and fit. Fully heat treated to provide much strength and maximum durability!

Rear sprocket:
The lightest and strongest aluminum sprocket on the market. 70% lighter than steel sprockets and more durable than any other aluminum sprocket! Made from 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum for maximum durability. Patented tooth profile that increases the life of the chain by up to 15%. Tooth profile reduces chain slag (Chain vibration / Slap), giving smoother acceleration by a more even distribution of power to the rear wheel. These sprockets are CNC machined to incredibly tight tolerances for perfect concentricity and fit.

Twenty aluminum sprockets are manufactured in Europe!