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MX Twenty Oshiro 428 Chain & Sprocket Kit


Twenty chain & sprocket kit!
Are you looking for the most affordable kit on the market? Then you've found the right place!
The Twenty chain & sprocket kit includes an aluminum rear sprocket, a steel front sprocket and a gold-colored chain, all from well-known Twenty!

The chain:
Twenty Oshiro HD is a standard chain. An excellent chain for those who demand good price and the same durability as a standard chain.

With Twenty Oshiro reinforced chain you get:
-A chain developed for Motocross, Enduro Street and ATV.
-The rivets are hard pressed and quadrupled for best strength.
-All chains are pre-tensioned and pre-stretched to minimize initial stretching
-Gold/metal, 130links, 4631LBS, 1.4kg per 130links
-The chain comes with clips and rivets.

Steel front sprocket
Made of quality steel that makes this sprocket very durable and gives it a long service life!

Made with precision to provide perfect fit. Fully heat-treated to provide high strength and maximum durability!

The number of teeth you choose yourself.

Aluminum rear sprocket
The lightest and strongest aluminum sprocket on the market. 70% lighter than steel sprockets and more durable than any other aluminum sprocket! Made from 7075-T6 Aerospace aluminum for maximum durability. Patented tooth profile that increases the life of the chain by up to 15%. The tooth profile reduces chain vibration which results in smoother acceleration through a more even power distribution to the rear wheel. These sprockets are CNC milled with incredibly tight tolerances for perfect concentricity and fit.
Twenty aluminum sprockets are manufactured in Europe.