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Spark plug for your MC (Sold individually)

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NGK are the worlds leading company in delivering the most advanced spark plugs for the best fuel economy and prolonged lifespan, helping us all to be that little bit more environmentally friendly. Available in three different styles to fit most motorbikes, so you can find the one that suits you and your machine the best.

Electrodes created with Iridium alloys give an even stronger and even longer spark; for when you're fed up of changing your plugs too often!
IMPORTANT! Iridium alloy sparks might not be suitable for your machine. (As is the case with some models of KTM, Honda and Suzuki bikes)

Thread types:
A = Thread 18mm, Key measures 25.4 mm
B = Thread 14mm, Key measures 20.8 mm
C = Thread 10mm, Key measures 16.0 mm
D = Thread 12mm, Key measures 18.0 mm
E = Thread 8mm Key measures 13.0 mm
G = Thread PF ½, Key measures 23.8 mm
J = Thread 12m, Key measures 18.0 mm
AB = Thread 18mm, Key measures 20.8 mm
BC = Thread 14mm, Key measures 16.0 mm
BK = Thread 14mm, (iso-type BCP) Key Dimensions 16.0 mm
DC = Thread 12mm, Key measures 16.0 mm

Construction: BC ( PR ) 6ES-11

L = compact type
M = compact type
P = Protruding insulator foot
R = Resistor
U = Superficial, Semi-superficial
Z = Intrinsic Resistance


Heats are expressed as numbers 2-13. Lower numbers get hotter, and mean that they have more surface area exposed to combustion gases which dissipates heat slowly and thus the insulator foot is heated quickly.
Higher numbered spark plugs have less surface area exposed to combustion gases, which dissipate heat quickly and thus the insulator foot is heated more slowly.

Excessive heat range
If the ignition temperature is too low it causes the coating to build up on the insulator foot. Coatings provide an electrical "leakage path" causing problems.

Low heat range
If spark plug temperatures get too hot, they can cause pre-ignition and abnormal combustion. This leads to the spark plug electrodes melting with the risk of damage to the piston and valves.

Thread length

E = 19.0 mm
H = 12.7 mm
L = 11.2 mm
EH = Half length of thread, Total 19.0 mm, 12.7 mm thread
F = For conical seat:
A 10.9 mm C
B-F 11.2 mm
B-EF 17.5 mm

Please note that some irregularities may occur with models from KTM, Honda and Suzuki.

Sold individually