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Proworks Heavy Duty Rolling Mechanic Stand


Tired of lifting your bike on the depot support? This smart mechanic stand has both lifting capabilities and wheels!

Lifting the bike can be exhaustive, especially if you need to move it around the garage. With this mechanic stand you save your energy so you can put it on the bike instead!!

You can easily move your bike thanks to the light rolled and correctly dimensioned wheels, and using the wheel lock function when the bike is where you want it is completely brilliant. In order not to risk pulling the handles when the bike is lifted, there is also a simple safety chain that prevents this.

The surface of the lifting plate measures 30x20cm and is equipped with protective rubber to save the surface treatment on your frame and on your depot stand.

- Steel construction and wheels can handle up to 200 kg
- Spring loaded lifting function
- 4pcs 50mm rubberized wheels of which 2pcs lockable
- Security chain
- Lifting plate 20x30cm
- 30cm high submersion, 40cm high elevation