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ProX MX Chain and Sprocket Kit


ProX Racing is known for its wide range of products for technical parts as pistons, connecting rods and gaskets.
Now ProX broadened its range with a chain package !

The chains are assembled with various components that all have their specific and crucial features to make the chain a quality product.

- A special coating on the links provides an extremely hard surface and a soft inside , this is to increase strength while reducing overall wear on the chain.
- The pins are tight press fit and quadruple punched rivets for extremely strong strength.
- The inner plates are designed in a specific form that allows less material to be used , it results in a 3 % lighter chain without compromising tensile strength.
- X-ring chain using QX - sealing that gives 40% less friction and increased durability than standard MX chains.
- All chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched to reduce initial stretching .

Front Sprocket:
-ProX steel front sprocket is lightweight and has mud grooves for cleaning out mud and dirt!
-Made of a low corrosion SCM435
-Ni -chrome -molybdenum steel with a low kolhalts core , in order to prevent degradation while the hardened surface provides maximum durability.
-Precision CNC machining ensures a perfect fit, with " holes " resulting in lighter mass rotating, for ultimate performance and reduced gyro - resistance.
- Mud grooves , self-cleaning !

Rear Sprocket:
ProX rear sprocket in aluminum are all made from high quality 7075- T6 aluminum , it is one of the toughest and strongest aluminum materials available on the market.
Precision machined on CNC machines with strict tolerances that ensure a perfect fit.

The rear sprockets come with mud grooves which helps to clean dirt from the teeth. Unlike many other rear sprockets the mud grooves arespecially designed and positioned outside the chain -pressure area , in order to significantly increase the durability of the sprocket. The mounting holes are all countersunk and cleaned for the perfect fit .
- Mudgrooves , self-cleaning !
- 7075 -T6 aluminum for long life !
- Black anodized , stylish finish that is easy to clean !
- CNC milled, perfect fit for optimal durability !

ProX sprockets have a perfect balance between price, performance and quality!