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Snell Super Gel MC Battery - Search by model


Batteries from Snell come with a 3 year warranty!

For maximum service life, you should maintain the battery charged if your bike is standing unused for a longer time.

Snell Super Gel is a powerful GEL battery that, instead of battery acid, contains a viscous gel electrolyte. The GEL battery has many advantages over a regular battery with acid. The battery has a higher capacity, longer service life and can be positioned inclined without risking leakage. These features make the battery optimal for use in motorcycles, snowmobiles and other terrain vehicles.

The battery delivers excellent performance in both high and low temperatures, and can maintain the starting current from + 40 ° C down to -60 ° C.

The battery holder is made of high quality ABS plastic for maximum strength and flame retardancy, as well as protection against vibration damage.

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