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Twenty Accelerator Cable


Many don't switch their wires until the old cable is so worn long that it fails to work any longer. The cables inner sheath is worn out long before then, which means that the wire rests directly on a steel shell. This gives you much higher resistance and results in armpump and lower lap times. We recommend replacing the wire regularly; ideally at least once a season.

With the help of one of the most experienced cable manufacturers, Twenty have produced a great and affordable accelerator cable. We can guarantee that this coupling wire is at least as good and possibly even better than your original clutch cable.

With over 20 years experience this cable performs and delivers requiring but a light tickle and providing excellent shelf life!

Twenty MX offers a wide range of connection cables with a stainless steel inner wire and a black vinyl outer shell for an easy and perfect fit when it's time to replace the wire.

All Twenty MX connection cables have an inner shell that is wound around the wire to give a smooth, easy and maximum ipmact response with minimal resistance.
The cables minimum friction reduces the risk of armpump giving you the energy to ride longer.

Remember that all cables require lubrication before their first use.

Be sure to install the cable correctly to get the right length and make sure that the cable is not pinched to prevent impeded movement. (see your motorcycles manual for how to change)