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Twenty Flex Brake Pedal


1 year warranty! We have so much faith in the quality of these fantastic break pedals that we offer a one year warranty against breakage! Yes, it's true. If the brake pedal breaks, we send you a new one, no questions asked, no matter what the story is.

Super strong brake pedal with rotating top.

The brake pedal is made from one piece of 6061 aluminum, and is then anodized in a titanium colour. It also has a spring loaded flex-top with sharp stainless steel studs. The studs give you better contact with the rear brake for a better brake feel and minimize the risk of your foot slipping off. The spring-loaded flexible-tip protects both you and the brake pedal. It tucks away when you crash minimizing the risk of getting it stuck. As an extra security measure the brake pedal comes with a Brake Snake. This protects the brake pedal and reduces the risk of getting something caught between the motor and brake pedal.

Lighter, stronger and better looking than the original!

Made of 6061 aluminum
Spring-loaded top
Comes with a Brake Snake
Forged; designed to bend rather than break in a crash.