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Twenty Oshiro 520 Enduro Chain and Sprocket Kit


Twenty Enduro Chain and Sprocket Kit.

Contains exceptionally durable steel sprockets for the front and back, as well as a gold-colored, reinforced chain, all from the well-known Twenty MX brand!

The kit offers you:
-Affordability and durability
-Strong, gold-colored chain
-Self-cleaning sprockets with long lifespans, constructed from steel

Twenty Oshiro HD is a semi-reinforced standard chain. An excellent choice for those who are price-conscious.

All parts of the chain are made from high-quality steel. The links are held together by a Hard Chromium Manganese Molybdenum rivet.

With the Twenty Oshiro HD reinforced chain, you get:
-A chain developed for motocross, enduro, street and ATV
-Rivets are press-fitted and quadruple-punched for maximized strength
-All chains are pre-stretched
-Gold/Metal, 118 links, 6744 lbs, 2.1 kg per 118 links
Supplied: Rivet link

Front Sprocket
An affordable, high-quality front sprocket. Made of steel.

Steel Back Sprocket

Twenty's Lightweight steel back sprocket weighs less than a typical steel sprocket and lasts up to 3x longer than aluminum!

-A combination of low weight and longevity makes the Twenty Lightweight a smart purchase if you need a steel sprocket that is both durable and incredibly light.
-Tooth profile minimizes chain vibration, providing smoother acceleration and more even distribution of power to the rear wheel.
-Laser-cut to remove as much unnecessary material as possible without compromising longevity or torsional stiffness.
-Crafted with attention to concentricity and fit.
-Black lacquered finish is protective against all types of corrosion, and also contributes to the sprocket's aesthetics.

Manufactured in Europe.