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Twenty Rear Sprocket Black


The lightest and strongest aluminum sprocket on the market. 70% lighter than a steel sprocket and longer lasting than any other aluminum sprocket!

The patented advanced tooth profile eliminates loss in efficiency, giving a stronhg and consistant surge of power to the rear wheel!

Twenty ALLOY sprockets are made from 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum for maximum effect.

CNC machined to incredibly tight tolerances fitting to give you ideal synchronicity.

The original tooth profile will increase your chain life for up to 15% as chain vibration is reduced giving smoother acceleration.

The exceptionally hard wearing surface and dirt grooves give significantly increased chain wheel life; inevitably outlasting the competition.

The anodized anti-corrosion surface is both clever and attractive as its hard coating aids prolonged system life.

Twenty alloy sprockets are the obvious choice for Motocross, Supercross and Off Road bikes.

Twenty sprockets are manufactured in Europe.

Don't forget to purchase new Sprocket bolts too!