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Wheel Bearings and Seal Kit Rear ProX


Complete rear wheel bearing and seal kit!

All the bearings and seals required to refit a wheel in one convenient package. Premium high-speed bearings feature double lipped seals on both sides to provide superior exclusion of water and dirt and improved grease retention.

High performance Chevron SRI-II grease features special rust inhibitors for the most demanding applications. Type TC, Nitrile Elastomer wheel seals are specifically designed to keep out water and dirt. The rubber coated outside diameter creates an optimum seal at the hub.

All bearings are manufactured with 52100 bearing steel that is hardened and a centerless ground for a precision fit, an extended life span and an improved protection against corrosion.

Wheel bearing kit includes all bearings and seals needed to replace the wheel bearings in the rear wheel.

This wheel bearing kit is designed for long life under extreme conditions, with a very high resistance against water and dirt.

Things to consider when changing your wheel bearings!
Take the opportunity to check that the wheel spacers are fine while you change the wheel bearings. Worn wheel spacers reduces the life span of your wheel bearings. It is also important to use the correct grease for the wheel axle. If the axle is poorly lubricated, the wheel bearings will be too hot and break down. Always use the correct grease for the wheel axle.