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Wössner 2-Stroke Piston


Wössner is the German specialist in pistons and connecting rods!
They have over 25 years of experience producing parts of the highest quality to both the leading racing teams and major car manufactures! If you want to give your engine one of the best forged 2-stroke pistons then Wössner would be the obvious choice!
Wössner offers you a wide range of pistons that are tailored to the original part number. The piston squish area is perfectly adapted to reduce friction and the piston surface treatment creates a better flow which not only increases performance but also maintains the life of the cylinder.
A Pistons - Are for new cylinders or cylinders with a new Nicasil coating.
B Pistons - Slighty larger than A pistons. We recommend for everyone with a used cylinder.
C Pistons - Are larger than the A and B pistons, you may require to have your cylinder specially measured to see if there is a piston that will fit the dimensions required.
Notes on piston replacement:
If the old piston is defective, investigate the cause and correct the error before mounting a new piston. Wrong fuel mixture can cause heat scorching. Low heat range on the spark plugs, incorrect ignition timing or air leakage are leading causes of burned pistons.
If the old piston is shattered or cracked, disassemble the crankcase and thoroughly clean the metal that may have entered the engine.
Check the cylinder for wear or odd features. A cylinder that wears unevenly can affect power output and therefore it is important to check the dimensions of the cylinder carefully.
During assembly of the piston:
Always replace old gaskets!
The pistons feature an arrow pointing towards the exhaust side. The piston pin locking rings are inserted with the latch opening facing downwards.
Install the piston rings on the piston. Be aware that some pistons are equipped with keystone piston rings. These are conical and can be easily placed incorrectly. Check that the piston ring(s) are set into the annular groove correctly.
Lubricate all parts with engine oil 10W30 or 10W40.
Place a new cylinder base gasket on the crankcase, compressing the piston rings gently slide the piston into place. Before mounting the top cover, rotate the crankshaft manually. Check that the piston is moving freely and the piston rings and pin have not dislodged.
New piston changes require a burn-in period. Avoid riding at increased speeds or long distances.
Pistons are manufactured to the absolute best quality and the materials used are a very small cost of the intense production line to produce a piston. This means manufacturers do not cut corners on materials. If a new piston fails this is generally caused due to another factor. Common errors are that the piston is mounted incorrectly due to human error, an unevenly worn cylinder, piston rings fitted incorrectly, improper mixture for fuel and air or damage to the connecting rod / crankshaft.